Episode 11

Ep. 11 - Army of Darkness (1992)

Published on: 5th August, 2022

Army Of Darkness is a favorite movie of Ash. It completes the Evil Dead Series and that is where Bruce Campbell got his start. While Brodie had seen this, Chris had not. With tributes to Three Stooges, we are curious on where Chris will land on this movie.

Army Of Darkness

Ash - 8/9

Brodie - 7/9

Chris - 4/9

Next movie we will review will be 9 to 5 starring Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton, and Dabney Coleman.

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Ash is a film fanatic. The main reason for starting this podcast is to give him and his friends a place to hang out and talk about movies. Ash is married to the "Librarian".
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Chris seems to hate film, otherwise he would have seen some of the movies on the podcast. Ash and Brodie will try to help Chris become a movie fanatic even though Chris will attack every film they show him.

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